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Saturn SL2 Trouble Code P0410 Secondary Air Pump

My 99 Saturn SL2 is throwing a P0410 trouble code. I know it refers to a problem with the secondary air pump or air injection system.

The AIR pump & check valve work. Air blows out of tube going into exhaust manifold. I cleaned the air injection tube and passages in exhaust manifold. O2 sensor voltage drops to under 125 mV when pump on. Goes to 800+ mV when off but I'm still getting P0410 code. The fuses seem to be good since pump and solenoid operate. Is there any thing else I've missed or need to check? Don't have money to keep throwing at it, but need car.


Your Saturn SL2's Air Injection Pump will run on startup when your Saturn's engine is cold using data from the coolant temperature sensor. The colder the coolant the longer the air pump will run. The air pump is used to inject oxygen in to the catalytic converter promoting the burning of the fuel mixture when the engine is cold. The AIR pump receives power from the air pump relay, which is controlled by your Saturn's PCM.

An important component to inspect is the AIR injection vacuum valve which is controlled by the air injection solenoid. When your Saturn is cold go ahead and disconnect the vacuum line going to the air injection valve and check for vacuum. If you have vacuum, using a hand vacuum pump, try opening the AIR injection valve manually. The valve should open and direct air to the exhaust manifold.

Trouble Code P0410 is typically caused by a defective AIR injection vacuum valve or AIR injection vacuum lines. The valve and thin vacuum hose are vulnerable to high heat.

posted by SmogTips Support 11-05-2013 12:03 PM

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