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Out of State Vehicle

Registering 1999 Chevy Suburban in California

How likely is my vehicle to pass CA emission test? It's a 1999 Chevy Suburban which I inherited from my father and its registered in Arkansas. Thanks.


If it's been fairly well maintained, it should not have a problem passing the California smog check. There is a difference with California legal and Federal legal emission requirements. However this does not stop USED out-of-state vehicles from registering in California.

Assuming this Chevy Suburban is a Federal emissions vehicle and equipped with the Federal required emission components, it can pass the California smog check and register with the CA DMV, if its exhaust emissions fall within California's limits and the vehicle's emission system has not been tampered with. This exemption does not apply to new vehicles.

posted by SmogTips Support 04-12-2016 08:41 PM

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