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Out of State Vehicle

Can I Register my 1985 Toyota Minicruiser in California?

I want to keep my 1985 Toyota Minicruiser when I move to CA from Indiana. However, I don't want to drive it there only to find out that it won't pass emissions tests, or will cost a lot of money to pass. There are no smog check emissions test facilities near me, and even if I find one, I'm not sure that those results will be enough to predict California inspection results. What do you advise? How can I ensure my Toyota Minicruiser will pass the California smog inspection and be allowed California vehicle registration. Thank you.


We recommend obtaining an emissions test in Indiana before moving to California and comparing those scores with California's Emission Limits. The emissions which will be tested in California are HC, CO, and NO. The website you want to access in order to find out your Toyota Mini Cruiser's current California emission cut score is below:

California Emission Cut Scores

posted by SmogTips Support 06-30-2016 09:35 AM

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