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My Car Needs a CA Smog Check but is in Arizona

My car needs a California smog check but is in Arizona at the moment. Can I bring it across the Arizona and California border to get it tested?


We will assume you need a smog check for registration renewal. It should be noted that unless your vehicle is in Nevada or Mexico, it does not need to be brought to California in order to obtain a smog check and complete its registration renewal.

Simply fill out and sign DMV's "Statement of Facts" form (Section G), OR complete Reg 5103, explaining your vehicle is out of state and the registration tags will be mailed to the current address on file with the DMV. You may then have someone forward them to you. You can obtain a Statement of Facts form (Reg 256) or Temporary Smog Exemption (Reg 5103) by downloading it from this page.

Should you choose to, you may always drive to California and visit a smog center to obtain a CA smog certificate. Ensure you visit the correct type of smog station (regular or STAR) if driving to California but not to the home town where your vehicle is registered. Your registration renewal notice will indicate whether you car needs a regular "smog certificate" or "smog certificate from STAR center".

posted by SmogTips Support

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