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Failed Smog Test

Secondary Air System Monitor Not Ready

Hi there! So went to get my smog checked a few weeks ago and failed with a P0410 code. Determined I needed to replace my air pump, did that, and car is still failing due to the secondary air system monitor not being ready. I have no codes still and am super frustrated and unsure what to do. It seems that I just need to complete a few more drive cycles or something, but is there anything I can do to expedite the process or guarantee it'll stay off? I desperately need to pass my smog test, and honestly, I'm a young girl just trying to figure this out and unfortunately have no one to help me.


More than likely you just need to keep driving your car through a couple more drive cycles. Since the Air Injection System is used to inject air into the exhaust stream to get things heated up faster, it normally comes on when the engine is first started (cold start).

This means the air injection part of the drive cycle is tested when the engine is first started. You may need a few more cold starts until the AIR injection monitor sets (show as READY or COMPLETE status). The important thing is to make sure the check engine light is not coming back on. As long as the light is not illuminated, that's a good sign. It's not a guarantee that the injection monitor will set, but it's at least an indication that the secondary air injection system is at least functioning at the most minimal level and not triggering any air injection trouble codes.

It's always a possibility that the air injection monitor is not setting because of an air restriction or partially fault air injection component, but that won't be know until you've at least completed a few drive cycles over the course of a few days. Just keep driving for a few more days. Ensure you're not just trying to complete the drive cycle at one go... starting and driving 400 miles. Give it a couple days so you get enough cold starts.

posted by SmogTips Support 09-07-2017 04:21 PM

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