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How Can I Drive to the Smog Station without Current Stickers?

I had a smog test done but they told me I have to drive 56 miles a day for a few days on the freeway and then come in and get smog checked again. The problem is the DMV says I can't park on street since I don't have stickers and my registration is expired because I didn't pass the smog test. What do I do? The smog tech said he has to retest my car again after the driving is done. Always paid or passed prior inspections. I can't find any info on this on DMV site under Smog or Registration.


We recommend visiting your local DMV branch office an obtaining a temporary registration card. It will allow you to drive your vehicle for 30 days. It appears your vehicle might have one or two emission monitors which are not ready for the smog check. Emission Monitors are internal self-tests which your vehicle's emission computer performs while your vehicle is idling, being driven and parked.

posted by SmogTips Support

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