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Do I have to Use a CARB Approved CAT on a Federal Emissions BMW 318i?

I live in Los Angeles CA. My car is a 1991 318is BMW all original. At the time my car was made it was considered a federal emission vehicle. Since it is Not a CA emission, can I buy a direct fit CAT made by Magnaflow or Davico


You must replace the existing catalytic converter with a CARB (California) approved CAT designed and manufactured for your BMW 318i; even though your vehicle is out-of-state emissions certified. A smog check repair technician will suggest purchasing the new catalytic converter from the BMW dealer, as the dealership will not risk selling a non-California approved CAT.

There is much confusion regarding the use of non-CARB catalytic converters as replacements on out of state (Federal 49-state) emission certified vehicles. The fact is however, in 2009, the California Air Resources Board banned the use of non-CARB complaint emission components, regardless of a vehicle's emissions configuration, if the vehicle is being operated in California.

posted by SmogTips Support 03-14-2019 02:31 PM

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