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Cadillac Emissions Test Says Not Ready to Test?

When I took my 2004 Cadillac in for an emissions test (smog check as it's referred to I guess in CA) to update my registration, the test station stated "not ready for test". What does that mean? I can't get my new registration until I have the test completed.


Thanks for submitting your question. What the smog check center is trying to say is that the smog machine has determined that your Cadillac's emissions monitor(s) have not yet completed ensuring the engine emission systems are functioning properly. You will need to drive your Cadillac for at least 200-300 miles over the course of a few days in order to reset the Emission Monitors (also known as Readiness Flags). Emission monitors are internal self tests which your Cadillac's engine control computer needs to conduct to ensure that all the emission systems are functioning properly. Without the monitors in READY or COMPLETE status, your vehicle will not be able to pass the smog check.

If you've already driven several hundred miles (without the battery being drained or disconnected, and without an intermittent Check Engine Light illumination), we recommend visiting a smog check repair center so that they can diagnose the fault causing the Emission Monitors to not become ready for the smog inspection.

posted by SmogTips Support

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