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Do I Have to Smog a Vehicle I Want to Make a Non Op?

I want to make my vehicle a non-op. The tags expire next month and this year I’m required to take my car in for a smog check. I’ve had in parked in my back yard for more than 6 months now and I don’t plan to use it anymore. If I’m making it a non-op, do I still have to smog it?


Great question Natali! Your car won't need a smog check if you place it under non operation status. It sounds like your timeline to request a non-op filing is spot-on too!

For others; you can only request a non-op 60 days before your expiration or up to 90 days after. When past 90 days, the non-op option is no longer available and the vehicle will need to get a smog check, or at least the vehicle's DMV registration renewal fees need to be paid; the vehicle is placed under RDF (Report of Deposit of Fees).

For more info on this, check out... California DMV Planned Non Operation - PNO Filing Online - CA

posted by SmogTips Support

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