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Failed Smog Test

Can I make smog repair myself? How much time do I have to retest?

If I fail a smog test can I do the necessary repairs myself before getting the re-test? How much time is allowed before a re-test is due?


California state law allows ONLY a certified smog check repair station OR a vehicle's owner (him or herself) to conduct smog check repairs. General mechanics are prohibited from performing any emissions related repairs, and the state will not protect you if a general mechanic performs smog repairs on your request and things go wrong.


There is no time limit on performing repairs or getting a smog retest. So long as your car's registration tags haven't expired and you are not driving illegally you'll be ok. As far as the smog retest... we do have to point out that if the smog station you visited is giving you a FREE retest then you might want to check with them about how long you have before you need to go back to take the free smog check retest offer. The state of California doesn't have limit on when to take a retest, but the station's free re-test offer might.

posted by SmogTips Support 05-17-2010 11:53 AM

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