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Out of State Vehicle

How Do I Get a Smog Check Waiver?

8xxx870 is my license plate number. I am out of state right now and my vehicle is registered in California I believe. How do I get a smog check waiver?


You may apply for an Out-of-State Smog Check Exemption, also known as a REG 5103. You'll need to file one each year your vehicle is out of state. Through the DMV directly, the process takes 30 days; for application receipt, approval, and processing. You may also consider using a third-party DMV registration service provider who can process everything same-day, and mail your new tags to your out-of-state address. A service fee will apply. Note, processing through the DMV will require you receive the tags at your registration address (in California) and have someone mail them out to your out of state address. Check out this link for more info...

Out of State Smog Check Exemption - DMV Vehicle Registration

posted by SmogTips Support 05-28-2022 11:44 AM

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