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Passing Smog Check for Out of State Car From Hawaii to CA

Hello. We need to know if our vehicle (2019 model) will pass the smog test in California. We are planning on moving to CA in the Summer and just need to make sure our car will pass. If not we will sell it in HI and then move to CA. Thanks!


There is a difference with 49-state emissions legal systems and 50-state (California) emissions however a USED 49-state emissions equipped vehicle can pass the California smog test and receive registration. The smog inspection for 2000 and newer vehicles consist of a visual and functional inspection of the vehicle's engine emissions system only. The tailpipe test for these late model vehicles has been discontinued.

If your vehicle has been maintained well and it's check engine light (or service engine soon light; they represent the same thing) is not illuminated, it has a good chance of passing the California smog inspection. California does not require used vehicles which are brought in from out of state receive an emissions systems upgrade. As long as the vehicle is equipped with it's original federal emission components and its emission system has not been tampered with, it can pass the California smog inspection.

Note the same does not apply to new out of state vehicles. A brand new out of state vehicle must have an emissions system which conforms to California emission regulations. Your vehicle's underhood emission label will indicate whether the vehicle is California emissions certified (50-State) or Federal emissions certified (49-State).

posted by SmogTips Support

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Passing Smog Check for Out of State Car From Hawaii to CA by Pat