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Smog Check Repair

2000 Toyota Corolla Check Engine Light is On

I live in CA. Engine light is on. Had numerous parts replaced, but engine light keeps coming back. Finally had it diagnosed at the dealer last week & the repair is going to cost more than the car is worth (estimate is $4,200). I paid for my registration in Feb., but cannot afford all the expensive repairs needed to pass smog. What do you suggest?


I'd start with a second opinion. Have a local smog check repair station

conduct a check engine light and smog check failure diagnosis on your Toyota

Corolla. It will cost you about 2 hours of labor to conduct the diagnosis

(probably around $150.00). Don't mention the dealership estimate. Have them

give you their honest diagnosis results. The dealership might very well be

telling the truth, but they may have added repairs which you could do

without at this point. Considering the average smog check repair in

California costs $450.00, $4200.00 is way out of the ballpark. Short of your

Toyota needing a new engine I can't image where the estimate is coming from.

I would recommend you apply for the state's consumer assistance program, but

since your registration renewal period has ended this program is no longer

available to you until the next registration renewal period when a smog

check is due. Your best bet at this point is to get a second expert


posted by SmogTips Support 07-28-2010 08:55 AM