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Toyota Camry Trouble Code EVAP Vent Control Explanation

My car (1998 toyota camry) did not pass the smog test. The fault codes are: a) EVAP Vent control malfunction and b) shift sol B malfunction. Any idea what these problems are and how to fix them (and how much they would cost)?


The first problem your Toyota Camry appears to have and which caused its smog test failure has to do with the EVAP system. The trouble code indicates there is a problem with the electronic solenoid or valve which controls the opening and closing of the EVAP canister (Charcoal Canister) vent. Your Toyota Camry's EVAP system is designed to store gasoline vapors from the gas tank inside a charcoal canister until the engine is ready to burn them; at which time a vent is opened and the fuel vapors vacuumed into the intake manifold and combustion chambers. The problem here can be a faulty valve, either stuck due to deposits or damaged electronically.


The second fault (Shift Solenoid) which your Toyota failed the smog check for is transmission related. The shift solenoid may be outside the transmission, in which case it can easily be removed and replaced, or inside your Toyota's transmission. Although it seems the transmission has nothing to do with emissions, the fact that it triggers a trouble code indicates it is emissions related and can affect your Camry's emissions output.

posted by SmogTips Support 08-03-2010 10:52 PM

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