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Out of State Vehicle

I need to do a smog pretest on an out of state vehicle in Los Angeles. Can I get it at any type of smog station?

I need to do an off the record smog pretest on an out of state vehicle I am restoring, I am in Los Angeles, where can I get an off the record actual visual and tailpipe smog test ?


Any California smog check station can perform a smog check pretest. Just make sure you specifically ask the smog station for a pre-test. Tell them you are restoring this vehicle and you do not want to smog check results to be held against you if your vehicle fails or doesn't pass the smog inspection.


Here's what you should know about smog inspection pretests... Your car's smog test results WILL BE sent to the Bureau of Automotive Repairs data center even during the pre-test, however the results of the inspection will not be held against you if the vehicle fails the smog test as a gross polluter. So basically there is nothing that will stop the relay of smog test data to the state. Getting a smog pretest is just a measure to stop the DMV or BAR from using the data against you.


Consider this also... You can always have a smog station conduct a smog inspection without using the smog machine in it's entire capacity as a State smog inspection tool. You may simply ask the smog mechanic to use to smog machine's probe as a tailpipe emissions sniffer looking for high emissions which cause smog check failures; high HC, high CO and high NO.

posted by SmogTips Support 08-23-2010 01:43 PM

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