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Failed Smog Test

Ford Escape 2001 failed smog test due to "readiness check" failing - what does this mean?

The guy at the testing station said it passed everything else, but that the computer said that several components were "not ready" when he hooked the computer cable up to the car. There were no diagnostic issues, just that about 5 of the 8 or so "readiness checks" weren't ready. He said that we should try drive the car at least 60miles non-stop and then bring it in again for a retest? But we drove two days ago for 2hrs each way without stops.

What's going on with our vehicle, and how do we fix it? We had the 90,000 mile service (by the Ford dealer) about a month ago which it passed with no issues flagged. We have driven San Francisco to LA since then with no problems.

Thanks, Emma


The technician is correct about having to drive your vehicle for an extended period of time in order to set the proper readiness flags on your Ford Escape. The problem is the required driving pattern is not clear. Different readiness flags need different engine parameters to run their tests. Simply driving 60 miles straight may not trigger the proper readiness tests to run. We recommend driving your vehicle for at least 2 weeks under normal driving pattern to ensure all tests run prior to returning to a smog test center.

posted by SmogTips Support

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