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Emissions Component

Jeep CJ7 with GM Vortec engine from Cadillac Escalade. A few smog check questions.

I replaced my engine in my Jeep CJ 7 with a GM Vortec 6 liter computer controlled engine from a Cadillac Escalade ESV which I bought at a junkyard from the wrecked Escalade that was a California registered vehicle... Do the applicable rules for smog emissions still follow from the Jeep and since I am improving & upgrading with a better more efficient engine am I to take it to a referee for documentation and approval or will they try and make me follow the rules for emissions based on the year of the engine. Also does the engine have to be running and vehicle operable before taking it to the referee. Thank you.


The BAR and smog check referee will require you install the emissions components which the engine you are using was equipped with. In this case the GM Vortec emission parts. Once the engine change is complete and the vehicle operational, your Jeep will have to be inspected by a California State Referee's Office. The Referee will ensure that the job was done properly and that the new engine does not pollute. If all is well they will issue you a BAR label which will be placed somewhere on your vehicles chassis which will be an indication that the vehicle is California legal. We always recommend speaking directly with a Referee before beginning any work. You can contact the referee by calling (800)622-7733.

posted by SmogTips Support 11-14-2011 10:19 AM

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