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Infiniti I30 - Possible smog check fraud? Or just bad luck?

2000 Infiniti I30 - Possible fraud by used car dealer and smog check station.

My concern about this car, which I recently purchased, is that I feel I may have been cheated. This Infiniti was smog checked at 172980 miles and sold to me one month later with the same miles. The car was fine during the test drive, but when I got home to take a 2nd drive, less than 30 miles later, the "engine service soon" light came on. I thought maybe it was because of a loose gas cap or disconnected hose, something simple.

I informed the used car dealer in the first 48 hours of purchasing the car. He offer to turn off (clear) light and "fix" the problem. He mentioned it was some sort of sensor. But later on the "engine service soon" light illuminated again. My smog technician confirmed there is a smog problem and it failed a smog test at his smog station as well. The car was also tested by the state referee's office, and inspected by BAR representative who found odd things from previous smog tests during his inspections. He explain mechanically to me what he found but I am not a mechanic and completely ignorant as to how a car's emission system works. I just have the suspicion the car dealer knew from the beginning that the car had a smog problem. His excuse is that he had a passing smog certificate, and my argument is when he cleared off the "engine service soon" light, he did not give me any document or recipt of the repair service which was done, and he used the same trick when he smogged the car at the time he sold it to me. The engine service soon light was off, the codes were cleared until the car's computer detected them again. I need to know if i should take this dealer to court.


First and foremost let us mention we are not attorneys and can not offer legal advice. With that said, we believe you've armed yourself with enough data to be able to present a strong case in your favor. You may choose to contact the used car dealership and inform them of your intent to sue. Just remember collecting on a small claims judgment can at times be difficult, so the amicable solution is usually best.

posted by SmogTips Support 11-18-2011 10:35 AM

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