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Ford Contour transmission problem. Will it fail the smog check?

Question about passing Smog Check with transmission problems and speedometer not always working. 1996 Ford Contour GL (automatic transmission).

I have transmission problems, and after two failed attempts to fix it, I decided it doesn't pay to get a new/rebuilt transmission for a 1996 Contour. Usually, when cold (and some other times), I have to put the car in 2nd gear to accelerate, then downshift (almost like driving a manual). Often, the speedometer doesn't work when I'm having to manually change gears (it will pop back on when the transmission is running correctly). Will these problems make it impossible to perform and pass the Smog Check? I know you have to get the car up to a certain RPM level to do the test. I might have to wait to take it in until it's warmed up, not doing the problem, and keep the car idling while I wait for the test (because when I turn off the engine, the problem immediately comes back).

Never had any previous problems with passing a Smog Check (but that was before the transmission issues). Thanks in advance for your reply!


If in fact your Ford Contour's transmission is defective and requires repair, it may very well cause a problem passing the smog check. The "Enhanced" smog check requires your vehicle to be driven on a dynamometer. If the engine and drive train do not operate properly you vehicle may emit excessive emissions, causing a smog check failure. The smog technician may even refuse to smog check your Ford Contour if he/she deems the vehicle unsafe to operate on the dyno.

posted by SmogTips Support

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