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Engine Swap in 1982 Jeep CJ8

I recently purchased a rebuilt motor from Phoenix engine. I requested an 83-86 Chevy 350 as they knew I needed to pass smog and it would be carbureted non computer. They said they could accommodate. I received the engine and am just a couple weeks away from attempting to register it and have realized they sent me a crate motor with a 95-2000 casting number. Is this going to cause me grief? Can I still smog it with all the non computer controlled emmission components and CARB approved fuel intake and exhaust system with Cat.


The cast design is what needs to match an 83-86 non computer controlled Chevy engine. We've found the 95-2000 block design is similar to that of the 350 Chevy however you recommend you receive confirmation from Phoenix engine. You are probably already aware your Jeep CJ 8 will have to be inspected and smog checked by the California State Referee's Office prior to it being registered through the DMV. The Smog Check Referee will ensure that the job was done properly and that the new engine does not pollute. If all is well they will issue you a BAR label which will be placed somewhere on your vehicles chassis which will be an indication that the vehicle is California legal. You can contact the referee by calling (800)622-7733.

posted by SmogTips Support

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