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Mini Cooper P1774 and P1775 Warning Lights During Smog Test

In the 5 years of owning my Mini Cooper the check engine light has NEVER come on. During the smog check the DMV link and shops computer went down. While trying to setup a new computer and link to DMV the check engine light came on, test canceled and I was told to have computer reset. I found only 2 codes and only related to rear wheel info for ABS and had codes cleared (P1774 and P1775). Went back and car passed no problem. When leaving lot all trouble/warning lights where on and car felt funny. Tech said this is normal just drive the car and the computer will correct/clear on it's own. All lights cleared but had to disconnect battery to clear check engine light, car seems fine now. Question is, can a smog test damage the onboard brain/computer to my car? Should I file a claim w/BAR to protect myself for future issues w/obc?


There is probably no need to contact the BAR though you always have the right reserved. Trouble Code P1774 indicates your Mini's rear wheel speed sensor lost its signal, and trouble code P1775 indicates the right rear wheel speed sensor lost its signal as well. Both more than likely triggered during the dynamometer portion of the smog check inspection; while the front wheels are turning and the rear wheels are stationary. During this time, as far as the ABS system knows, the rear wheel sensors have lost their signals.

After a computer reset and driving your Mini Cooper for a few miles everything should return to normal, as apparently they have; and you've passed the smog check. Should the check engine light return in the near future for the same trouble codes (P1774 & P1775) we'd recommend inspecting the rear wheel speed sensors for possible debris build-up. Since these trouble codes where triggered during the smog check and smog check machine failure we can assume the trouble codes were temporary and not related to any physical problem with your Mini Cooper.

posted by SmogTips Support

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