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P0305 Kia Sorento EX Cylinder Misfire

I have a 2003 Kia Sorento EX. The check engine light on. The Kia Sorento has a rough start and I must increase the rpms to 2500 to get the engin to run smooth until the next time the idle is lowered. Then must repeat procedure. At every red light the engine starts to stall. My Kia has had a complete tune up, the trouble code from the scan tool reads cylinder 5 misfire P0305. Also my Kia Sorento has experienced that dash lights go out if I hit a bump. If I push in on the dashboard dimmer switch, lights come back on. I just purchased this vehicle and must have a smog check.


The dash light flickering is probably not related to the cylinder misfire and more than likely caused to due a defective dimmer switch or dimmer switch harness.

The cylinder misfire code P0305 is where the focus of this smog check diagnosis should be. A misfiring cylinder will cause your Kia's engine to stubble until high enough RPMs are reached to facilitate the turning of a "dead' cylinder. If in fact the cylinder is severely misfiring, you should see a lack of engine power at all RPM ranges.

The diagnosis should include checking for cylinder compression on all cylinders for variations, and if mechanically sound, inspecting for ignition or fuel related problems specifically with cylinder 5. More then likely a smog check repair station will conduct a complete diagnosis on all cylinders to calculate what is normal for this specific engine.

Possible faults may include a defective ignition system (spark plug or coil pack), defective fuel injector and/or low cylinder compression.

posted by SmogTips Support 01-10-2014 12:56 PM

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