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Lincoln Mark VIII 4.6L Shorty Headers CARB Approved

I have a 1997 Lincoln Mark VIII and I want to put a set of Shorty Headers on the car. There is non that are CARB approved for my car but there is a set of Shorty Headers for a 1999-2003 Mustang Cobra that will fit. The motor on the Mustang Cobra is the exact same motor as the Lincoln. Can I put the Shorty Headers for the Mustang on my Lincoln? All the catalytic converter and other smog equipment will all be OEM. Thanks for your time.


California will not approve at emission component installed on a vehicle which it is not designed specifically for its use. The headers you install on your Lincoln Mark VIII must be approved by CARB for use on a 1997 Mark VIII and posses an executive order number.

The Lincoln Mark VIII's are equipped with a DOHC 4 cam 32 valve 4.6 liter engine. The Ford Cobra, Lincoln Continental, and Mark VIII's also have DOHC 4 cam 32 valve 4.6 liter engines. However there are a few differences. One is the intake manifold design. Second, the Lincoln Mark VIII engine has regular crankshaft. The Cobra has a forged crankshaft. Your Lincoln Mark VIII's engine might appear identical to the Ford Mustang engine on the exterior however intricate manifold and cylinder head design, as well as computer firmware programming make these engine very unique.

posted by SmogTips Support 02-12-2014 02:54 PM
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