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Failed Smog Test

Honda Accord Trouble Code P0501 Vehicle Speed Sensor

1996 Honda Accord DX failed the functional part of the smog test. Everything else passed. Check engine light was on with trouble code P0501 indicating the Vehicle Speed Sensor was bad; Vehicle Speed Sensor Range/Performance. 

Plus the OBD System was not ready to check. It had incomplete monitors. So I replaced the speed sensor and now the check engine light is off. The question is, am I entitled to one free test within 60 days of every paid test, until my Honda Accord passes the smog check?


We're glad to hear you were able to get your Honda Accord's check engine light to turn off by replacing the Vehicle Speed Sensor. As far as the smog check and its cost, you'll need to check with the smog station you visit on whether or not they offer free retests. If they do, they will more than likely only offer one free retest per paid test, but check with the smog station first. Not all stations offer a free retest. Smog stations are privately owned businesses.

posted by SmogTips Support 02-28-2014 01:38 PM

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