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Out of State Vehicle

Buying a 2001 Dodge Ram from Out of State How To Be Sure It Will Pass CA Smog?

I'm considering buying a truck (2001 Dodge Ram) from a seller who moved here from Georgia recently. He hasn't yet registered it or smogged it in California. If I buy it, I understand that it will need to pass the CA smog check in order to register it. It will probably pass, but I don't have any guarantee, so I want to ask the seller to get it tested first. Can the seller get it smogged without having to register it in California first? What are my other options?


The seller can get a smog check in California without having registered this 2001 Dodge Ram in one of two ways. They can either ask for a smog check pre-test from any local smog check station, or they can get an actual smog test having explained to the smog technician that the smog test is for an out-of-state vehicle and for the purpose of title transfer.

posted by SmogTips Support

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