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Failed Smog Test

2001 Ford Expedition Having Trouble Passing Smog Test

I have a 2001 Ford Expedition. Approximately one year ago I had a bad mechanic try to repair my Expedition's fuel pump four times and finally gave it back to me with the gauges not working.

The gas gauge, oil level, and engine temperature gauges, which worked perfectly before, no longer work. On top of that, every warning light on the panel stays lit.

Now that I need a smog check and am being told that due to the amount of times the mechanic had incorrectly installed and uninstalled the fuel pump, it has erased the memory which is needed to pass the smog check.

I just found out through a police officer, after having my vehicle impounded due to expired registration, about the CAP assistance program. I applied to it but got rejected because my tags are expired over 120 days. I'm seriously stressed out . Please help me with any suggestions if you have any. It would be greatly appreciated.


Sounds like your Ford Expedition's Emission Monitors have been cleared and need to be set to Ready Status. Problem is, over the course of a year the Monitors should have already completed. Something is keep the monitors from running; probably the same problem which is lighting up your Expedition's dash lights, and we're assuming the service engine soon light as well.

The only solution here is to have a certified smog check repair station diagnose why your Ford Expedition dash board lights are all lit. The problem sounds more like a shorted GEM (computer) module rather than having to do with the fuel pump replacement. Expenditions are known to seal water down the A-Pillar, shorting out the module.

posted by SmogTips Support 01-21-2015 10:48 AM

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