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Honda Civic with JDM Engine Passing Smog Test

I have a 95 Honda Civic with a JDM d15b replacement engine which is identical to the original engine except for the engine code. The original engine is d16z6. The replacment engine is a d15b. Can I smog check it without having to get the car BAR'd for the engine?


Used engines imported from Japan (JDM) are allowed as used replacement engines in California. You must ensure the JDM engine being used is identical to the original engine in your Honda Civic which is being replaced.

Verify your JDM engine is the same year (or newer) than the engine being replaced. Compare the casting number on the engine block with your Honda Civic's VIN. You might need to contact (we recommend visiting) a local Honda dealer for this information. Using your Honda's VIN they can look up the appropriate engine block number.

In order to complete California registration your Honda Civic will definitely have to be BAR'd (inspected by the California Smog Check Referee's Office). You contact them at (800) 622-7733. Even though the engine might be an identical match, since it is a used motor from Japan, am initial smog check referee smog inspection will be required. Once your Honda Civic is BAR'd and received a BAR tag, subsequent smog checks can be administered at regular smog test centers.

In this specific case, according to our sources, the d15b engine (block) is identical to the d16z6 engine, accept for the engine head. The block is the same, but the head is different. You might be able to use the d15b engine once you swap the block (including cam gear and timing belt) to conform to the original d16z6 engine your Honda Civic was shipped with at the factory. We recommend contacting the smog check referee's office and a performace Honda expert for further information.

posted by SmogTips Support

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