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Lexus LX 450 Smog Check for Engine Replacement

Lexus LX 450 smog check for engine replacement. Do I need to see a smog check referee first? BAR said no, but I just want to be sure.

I replaced the engine in my Lexus LX 450 with an identical remanufactured engine. Do I need to see a referee first before a smog check?


Replacing an engine (engine replacement) is not the same as an "engine change", and does not require a Smog Check Referee inspection.

In this case it appears you've conducted an engine replacement, and not an engine change. You may proceed to a standard smog check station, either STAR certified or regular, depending on which the DMV has required.

The BAR refers to an engine change only when a different model, year, make of engine is installed in a vehicle which it was not originally designed for. Since the engine you've used was built for your Lexus LX450, the repair is considered a engine replacement and not an engine change... normal smog check, just as if the repair you made was something minor to an emissions component.

posted by SmogTips Support 07-02-2015 07:13 PM

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