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2005 Jeep Wrangler Sport Oxygen Sensor Heater Monitor


I'm having a hard time getting a smog check. The stations don't even want to try, because the pre-test OBDII reader shows that my O2 Heater Sensor is not ready. 


Day my smog was due, car battery was dead-dead (had been stored awhile). AAA installed a new battery. Smog center told me I needed to drive more before smogging. 

I performed 10 drive cycles over about 3 weeks (per the Chrysler Drive Cycle recommendations), but it still wouldn't clear. 

Took it to a Star Repair Station. He ran the P-codes, and there were two: one indicating the battery had been disconnected (duh), and one P0218, High Temperature. Since I'd just driven over a high mountain pass in 100 degree temps, he said that was the reason. 

He thought AAA may have damaged the Battery Temperature Sensor recommended replacing. $100 later, he said do more drive cycles and come back. He also cleared codes to see if the High Temperature code would re-trigger (it hasn't). 

More driving, still wasn't ready, same O2 Heater. My reg. mechanic told me to get a new battery, that AAA stinks. So I got an Interstate battery, drove another week. No luck. Same O2 Heater monitor won't clear. 

Went online, turns out a service bulletin was issued in 2007 for the 2005-2006 Jeeps - same problem. It's on the EPA list too, with a fix. 

Spent a full day at the Jeep Dealer, having the fix applied. After they said "We don't know if it worked, and we may have made it worse". Now EVAP monitor also doesn't clear. But "You just need more drive cycles". 

I drove 100+ miles (varying conditions, cold starts). EVAP and O2 Sensor Heater still Not Ready. 

I drove 200 miles today. Tomorrow I go to a new STAR test station. If I still don't pass, any ideas? 

CEL is off, Jeep Dealer says car is just fine. One thing...air conditioner nob is broken so it won't turn off (I can change it to heat). Would that have anything to with the O2 Sensor Heater? Everyone says no, but...? 




It is correct. There is an EPA identified Readiness Testabilty Issue with the 2005-2006 Jeep Wranger concerning the Oxygen Sensor Heater Monitor. The repair is described in TSB #25-001-07. It involves rewiring the fuel pump relay and Auto Shut Down systems. The TSB does not explain how or why the repair corrects the oxygen sensor heater monitor function, and only advises to perform the repair and complete several drive cycles in order to make the Jeep's readiness monitors COMPLETE.

We have to recommend the same. Assuming the Jeep dealership performed the TSB repair properly (we have no reason to suspect otherwise) we recommend performing the drive cycle as many times as possible until the monitors are complete... however... a very important factor... your Jeep's A/C system needs to be turned off during the DRIVE portion of the drive cycle. During the initial idle portion (for 2 1/2 minutes) the A/C and rear defroster should be ON. Before beginning to drive, you must turn the A/C and rear defroster off. The drive cycle will not continue with the A/C on.

So... in conclusion, the dealership may have very well perform the repairs required to get the Oxygen Sensor Heater monitor to run, however the A/C switch will have to be repair as well in order for you to be able to turn off the A/C system and have the drive cycle to complete.

posted by SmogTips Support 09-07-2015 12:10 PM

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