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Failed Smog Test

Audi A4 OBDII Emission Monitor Not Ready

Is there a special tool or instrument (in dealer or repair shop) that can be used to make my Audi A4 2003 catalyst monitor ready and pass the smog test without going through the recommended drive cycle?

Two months before my car's smog test I had my car's battery disconnected while out of the country. In Aug 2015 I have it tested and it failed because of "Catalyst Monitor Not Ready". There are no other DTC codes detected and I was advised just to drive it more. After 500 miles of driving it failed again with the same problem. I just found out that there's some sort of driving cycle that I need to follow for my particular car to make its CM ready. Since my car is now on an Incomplete Registration status, is there any other way my car's problem can be corrected without going thru the driving cycle? If none, where can I get a copy of the recommended driving cycle for my Audi A4 2003 model. Thanks for any help you may extend me.


A certified Audi repair shop can use the VAG-COM diagnostics system to manually run through your Audi A4's emission monitor parameters. Should you choose to try completing the Audi Drive Cycle again yourself, follow the steps below. Prior to beginning a drive cycle you must check the status of the Readiness Monitors, check for current digital trouble codes (if any exists, correct them and clear the codes). Then begin the drive cycle.

When starting a drive cycle, Audi requires the vehicle be driven approximately 7.5 miles within a period of 23 minutes from a cold start. Always operate the throttle smoothly and never turn off the ignition during the drive cycle, and be very careful to obey all traffic laws and drive in a very safe manner.

Following drive cycle pattern will require much speed manipulation. If you feel you will be unable to complete the drive cycle safely, seek assistance from a reputable smog check repair center or Audi dealership service center.

Avoid extreme driving conditioning such as very high/low temperatures, rough roads or high altitudes. These conditions may prevent some monitors from becoming "Ready". 

How to Complete Audi Drive Cycle

Step 1. Engine Cold Start engine, idle 20 seconds. Accelerate gradually and drive at 20-25 mph for 1 minute, varying speed. 

Step 2. Accelerate gradually to 32 mph within 35 seconds. Decelerate to 0 mph in 10 seconds. Idle for 40 seconds. 

Step 3. Accelerate at part throttle to 25 mph in 10 seconds. Cruise at 17-25 mph for 15 seconds. Accelerate gradually to 57 mph in 45 seconds. Cruise at 50-56 mph for 1 minute. Decelerate gradually to 0 mph in 40 seconds. Idle for 15 seconds. 

Step 4. Accelerate at part throttle to 36 mph and maintain for 10 seconds. Decelerate to 0 mph in 15 seconds. Idle for 5 seconds. 

Step 5. Accelerate to 30 mph and back to 0 mph within 30 seconds. Idle for 20 seconds. 

Step 6. Accelerate to 36 mph in 20 seconds. Drive at 35 mph for 20 seconds. Decelerate to 0 mph in 15 seconds. Idle 5 seconds. 

Step 7. Accelerate gradually to 26 mph and decelerate to 0 within 40 seconds. Idle 15 seconds. 

Step 8. Accelerate to 27 mph in 40 seconds. Decelerate to 0 mph in 10 seconds. Idle 25 seconds. 

Step 9. Accelerate to 26 mph in 15 seconds, maintain speed for 10 seconds, decelerate to 0 mph in 10 seconds. Idle 15 seconds. 

Step 10. Accelerate to 23 mph in 20 seconds, decelerate to 0.5 mph in 10 seconds (no complete stop). Accelerate to 28 mph and back to 0 mph (momentary stop 1 second) within 35 seconds. 

Step 11. Accelerate gradually to 34 mph in 45 seconds. Vary speed between 34 and 19 mph for 2 minutes. Decelerate from 25 to 0 mph in 25 seconds. Idle for 5 seconds. 

Step 12. Accelerate to 29 mph in 15 seconds, decelerate gradually to 0 mph in 45 seconds. Idle for 30 seconds. 

Step 13. Accelerate gradually to 28 mph and back to 0 mph (momentary stop 1 second) within 50 seconds. Accelerate gradually to 27 mph and back to 0 mph within 55 seconds. Idle for 15 seconds. 

Step 14. Accelerate to 24 mph and back to 0 mph within 18 seconds. Idle for 10 seconds. Accelerate gradually to 22 mph and back to 0 mph within 50 seconds. Idle for 8 seconds. 

Step 15. Accelerate gradually to 30 mph within 50 seconds. Decelerate to 0 mph in 10 seconds. Idle for 25 seconds. 

Step 16. Accelerate to 23 mph and back to 0 mph within 30 seconds. Idle for 10 seconds. 

Step 17. Repeat steps 1 - 16 once again. Recheck the status of the "Readiness Monitors". 


NOTE: Remember, clearing DTC's or interrupting power to the ECM after the readiness monitors have been reset to "Ready" will require that the Drive Cycle be repeated.

Completing your Audi's drive cycle successfully one time should reset most drive cycle monitors to a "Complete" or "Ready" status. There are however "two trip" monitors, which require that the drive cycle be successfully completed two times in order to become "Ready".

posted by SmogTips Support 10-03-2015 12:08 AM

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