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Ford F-250 Failed For Wrong Catalytic Converter EO Number

I drive a 1990 F250 4.9L L6. When I log into the Ca ARB website / Aftermarket Catalytic Converter Database, one of the EO#s listed is EO# D-193-104 It allows for Magnaflow "series" "333000 front" & "334000 rear" for Pre OBD II Trucks with (2) cats installed.

The problem is the only 333000 front CC called out is Part# 333007. Which has (2) inlets and (1) output. This does not fit my L6 engine with a single header output. However, under the same EO# D-193-104 within approved "series 333000 front" Magnaflow makes Part# 333006 which is a single input/output.The rear CC has the same EO# D-193-104 and the correct PT # 334016. This is what is installed on my truck. It passed (2) years ago and it passed today. However, the new tech at the Smog Check told me I failed because my CC# was not Pt#333007 which does not fit my truck? Is he right? If so how do I make a (2) inlet CC fit my single output truck? Thanks for your help...Scott


This appears to be a matter the state smog check referee's offices needs to look into this. We've searched the ARB Aftermarket Catalytic Converter webpage and have been unable to located a front CAT with part number (single inlet & outlet) that is designed for the Ford F-250 4.9 liter engine. The referee's office should be able to correct the matter. Please contact them at (800) 622-7733 and request an appointment. A regular smog station, STAR certified or not, will not be able to override the system, or pass the vehicle with its currently installed front CAT.

The reason your Ford truck passed smog inspections in the past was probably due to the fact smog technicians we're not too concerned with checking CAT EO numbers. Their main focus was to ensure a catalytic converter(s) was present and properly welded, or attached. Since the STAR smog check program, stations/technicians can lose their STAR status if every since CAT is not inspected for proper use on the vehicle being inspected.

posted by SmogTips Support

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