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Can my Ford Taurus Pass Smog with a Misfire?

2000 Ford Taurus. My car needs a tune up because when I start the car one of my spark plugs are giving out. The engine has a misfire. I was wondering if it will pass a smog check in this condition. Also my ABS light is on as well. Thank you.


It's all a matter of whether the misfire is causing the check engine light to turn ON. 2000 & newer vehicles are no longer administered the tailpipe emissions test. The smog machine does not measure exhaust emissions, and therefore if your Ford Taurus is misfiring and emitting high HC, unless the check engine light is on, the vehicle can pass the smog test. The new smog test system relies on your Ford Taurus turning on the check engine light at the slightest notice of an engine problem which may increase emissions. In this particular case, we'd expect that your Taurus' s check engine light is ON; due to the misfire condition you've described. If this is the case, the vehicle can not pass the smog check, until the fault is repaired and the check engine light turned off.

The smog check does not inspect the ABS light. As long as the fault which is causing the ABS light to illuminate is not causing the check engine light (CEL) to turn on as well, your Ford Taurus can pass the smog test with the ABS light on.

posted by SmogTips Support

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