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Using Federal Emission Catalytic Converter On A California?

Would my 1996 Toyota Tacoma DLX 4WD 2.4l 2RZ-FE I4 CEL light turn on if I put a Federal Emission catalytic converter, not the California?

Hello I have a question regarding my Tacoma, which is a California Emission truck. I am the first owner of the truck and bought it in California. I am still the owner but it is now out of state and not registered in California. There were misfiring problems with the motor and the mechanic said that it fried the OEM cat. Can I put a Federal Emission cat on my truck and it would remove and not trigger the Check Engine Light? Or do i always need a CA Emission Cat for this truck not show the CEL. I have already fixed the motor issue and swapped the Oxygen Sensors. The cat is the last thing to fix the CEL and I am pretty sure it is the cat but I don't know whether the federal one would be enough. I am looking at two aftermarket cats CARB compliant: Part #: 448882 and Federal: Part #: 23886. Can you please help me figure this out before I make the purchase? Thank you.


EPA guidelines do not allow mismatching emission components. A California emission certified vehicle must maintain its California emission component configuration, regardless of the state in which it is registered. Installing a federal CAT on a California emission vehicle (if CAT is an exact fit) should not cause the check engine light to turn on, as both components should be identical in function except that the California version has passed CARB (California Air Resources Board) bench tests. An issue will arise if your state's smog inspection procedure requires the smog technician inspect a vehicle's CAT for proper design and installation/fit.

posted by SmogTips Support 03-18-2016 08:33 AM
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