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Out of State Vehicle

Vehicle Registered in Pennsylvania and Just Moved to California

I just moved to California from Pennsylvania within last few days. I have a vehicle with Pennsylvania registration which is arriving to California by carrier within the next few weeks. I am selling the vehicle to my son-in-law (who also just moved to California) when the car gets here. He will then register it in California and get his license plates. What do I need to do to sell it to him? Sign over the title? Bill of sale? Smog test? I have no clue what I need to do to effect the sale.


You will need to first obtain a smog check from a smog station in California. Once the vehicle passes the smog test (and it should, if the check engine light is not on, the vehicle's emissions system is functioning properly and has not been tampered with, and its emission monitors are complete), the smog test results and certificate number will be electronically transmitted to the DMV. The new owner can then register the vehicle in his or her name; upon showing proof of California auto insurance. You will need to hand over the vehicle's title (pink slip) to the new owner and they will need to present the title to the DMV, along with a bill of sale, indicating the date of sale and purchase price.

posted by SmogTips Support

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