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Out of State Vehicle

Buying 2017 Ford Explorer V6 Limited From Out of State

I am going to purchase a 2017 Ford Explorer v6 from out of state. I want to know if it will pass the smog test in CA?


You may be able to import and register a 2017 Ford Explorer in California but, assuming it's a brand new vehicle, you'll need to make sure it is 50-State Emissions Certified (California), as opposed to 49-State Emissions Certified (Federal). If it's only 49-State emissions legal, it will not pass a smog test in California. Check with the seller before you make the purchase. The underhood emissions label will indicate the vehicle's emissions certification. New vehicle's must be California emission certified in order to be allowed California registration. Only used 49-state emission certified vehicles from out of state vehicles are allowed to register in California. A vehicle is considered used when it has at least 7500 miles on the odometer.

posted by SmogTips Support 11-01-2016 09:08 AM

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