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General Smog Check

What Type of Vapor Recovery Hose Is Allowed?

My car is due for a smog check. The fuel return (evap) hoses are brittle and damaged. I will be needing to replace them but need to know the correct type to use. Is SAE30R6 fuel line or higher, such as 'fuel injection line' acceptable for use as a vapor recovery line, or do I have to use something labeled "fuel vapor" line (such as Gates 27002 PCV/EEC Fuel Line Hose"? I don't want to fail the smog test, but I don't want to waste money on the wrong kind of fuel line either. Thank you.


It is not necessary to use one particular brand of fuel line, whether it be for fuel delivery, return or vapor (EVAP). What is necessary is that the diameter of the vapor line not be altered. The fit and length of the fuel vapor line should match the original. Engine fuel lines are considered to be part of the emissions system; and are inspected during the smog check. Most often you will find multi-purpose fuel hose made of PVC/NBR for use as return fuel lines, in PCV and EEC systems, and for connections on fuel injection systems. Fuel lines must be approved for use with unleaded gasoline, diesel and gasoline blends of ethanol (E85); which is pretty standard on most fuel lines/hoses sold in California.

posted by SmogTips Support 03-17-2017 05:48 AM

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