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Ford F150 Needs Smog Check But Has No Reverse

I have a 1995 Ford F150 pickup truck. Will the transmission impact the Smog Test? Could my truck fail the smog check since it stopped going in reverse? I don't know what the cause is, since it just stopped out of the blue and I'm not sure where to start? And I have to pass that test!!!


The most important question first is whether your Ford F150 has an illuminated check engine light. If it does, it will cause a smog check failure regardless of whether the light is on due to a transmission problem or engine emission problem. If the check engine light is not on, and the only problem is that the truck won't go into reverse, technically it is not cause to fail the smog inspection; however you may have a very difficult time finding a smog station which will be willing to inspect your Ford F-150, specially if you reside in a county where the truck has to undergo the BAR-97 2-Speed smog inspection (where the vehicle must be driven on a dynamomoter during the inspection). Maneuvering the truck around the smog station, on and off the dyno, will be very difficult for a smog technician and therefore they may refuse to inspect your vehicle without the reverse function of the transmission working.

posted by SmogTips Support

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