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Out of State Vehicle

California Emission Cut Score Limits for 2001 Ford Mustang

I am active duty military with a permanent residence from the state of Colorado. In addition to my residence, my POV is also registered in the state of Colorado. Under Colorado law, my vehicle must be emissions tested every 2 years. In the event the vehicle is out of state for a valid reason (military duty), the state of Colorado will allow owners to request for an emissions waiver/extension, as long as the vehicle passes the emissions testing of the state it is currently located. My quest is, what are the emission limits for CO, HC, NOx in the state of CA?


Great question. There's actually a website you can go to which will give you the break down of the emission limits (HC, CO and NOx) for any vehicle. You'll need to input the vehicle's year, make and engine size.

California Emission Cut Scores

One thing to consider however is that in California 2000 and newer vehicle's are no longer administered the tailpipe test (exhaust inspection). You may need to explain to the smog technician that you need a BAR-97 smog inspection; which measures exhaust emissions. They will have to inspect your vehicle on their older smog machine, assuming they have one (they must, if they are certified to inspect all vehicles).

Just note, the smog machine might not allow them to perform the older BAR-97 (ASM) inspection on a 2000 & newer vehicle unless they test in manual mode; and emission test results in manual mode might not be acceptable in your state.

Contact your state's DMV to inquire on whether an inspection from California using the new DAD OIS system will suffice, or will you need to obtain the older BAR-97 inspection; in manual mode. The DAD OIS system only checks the vehicle for OBD II trouble codes, emission monitor readiness and includes a visual inspection of smog components. It is California's official requirement for smog checking 2000 & newer gasoline powered vehicles.

posted by SmogTips Support 05-10-2017 07:35 PM

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