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Unable to Complete EVAP Test Due to Gas Tank Placement

Hello. I took my motor home to get smogged this past weekend.  I was unable to complete the smog test due to the EVAP test adapter not being able to fit on to my RV's gas cap to run in order to run the test. There is a metal piece bumped up against the side of the RV so that the connection can not be made.  It's not a problem with the EVAP tool. It just seems the motor home was not designed to allow the EVAP tool to fit properly. I was wondering how to go about getting an exemption. Thank you for your time.


You may apply for an exemption at a California smog check referee station. Please call (800) 622-7733 and ask to be transferred to a local referee smog station. They are usually located at community colleges which offer automotive training.

The smog referee will attempt to conduct the inspection him or herself. If they are unable to complete the EVAP portion of the inspection, and it not be due to any failure or fault your vehicle suffered since it's original state, they may manually bypass the EVAP portion of the smog inspection and make a notation in the Bureau of Automotive Repairs vehicle testability log as a potential problem for future vehicle owners. The referee office has an obligation to assist California vehicle owners whose vehicles have difficulty passing the smog check due to irregular emission control component configurations. They'll be able to get this problem solved for you.

posted by SmogTips Support 05-24-2017 03:59 PM

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