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1997 Honda Accord Emission Monitors Not Complete

The OBD-II self check is not completing on my 1997 Honda Accord. I replaced the oxygen sensors (O2) on my 97 Accord and took it in for a smog test. I was told to drive 150 miles for the system to complete all the emission monitors before it could be smogged. I have now driven about 400 miles (some city, some highway) and there are still three self test monitors that have not been completed - O2, CAT and EVAP. They have not failed, and the check engine light is not on, but the self test not yet complete. What do I need to do? How do I need to drive the car in order for it complete the monitors? Thanks.


Having driven approximately 400 miles in both city and highway conditions should have been enough to get the emission monitors to complete. At this point we have to recommend having a smog check repair specialist inspect your Honda Accord for proper emission sensor operation. Our assumption here is that there is emission data being received by the engine control unit (ECU) which is causing the incomplete monitor problem. The ECU is either not initiating the self-test sequence or not being able to complete it. A smog repair technician will need to diagnose the individual monitor system and ascertain why the monitor is having trouble becoming ready.

posted by SmogTips Support

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