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Out of State Vehicle

CARB Approved CAT For My Out of State 2005 Honda Accord

Basically, can I do it myself? My Honda Accord failed smog. The tech looked up the VIN for it and said it was out-of-state (Ohio). I was not aware I was driving an out-of-state car. I bought it off of someone a few years ago. It was already registered with CA and it did not cross my mind to ask him if it was an out-of-state car. It has been passing smog okay all this time. The smog tech told me they can only obtain a catalytic converter from a dealership and that it would be over $1,000, parts and labor. The car is barely worth $2,000. Before you tell me I can go see about the state helping me with the costs, I do not qualify for that. I'd like to know if I can repair it at home or would that be considered "tampered with"? I had read in some posts that a visual inspection will see that. What's the difference between a shop doing it and someone doing it at home to save on the costs? I had called on a parts store and they told me they could get a Federal CAT for me (not CARB), since it's an out-of-state car. I would also see if anything else is failing on it by having it inspected thoroughly. So that's my question I guess: could I do the repairs myself or does it have to go get repaired at an auto repair shop?


Yes, you can work on your own vehicle. That includes diagnosing and/or repairing emission problems, including replacing the catalytic converter if necessary. BUT... the information you received from the auto parts store is incorrect.

You must replace the existing catalytic converter with a CARB approved CAT designed and manufactured for your Honda Accord; even though your vehicle is out-of-state emissions certified. More than likely that is why the smog technician suggested purchasing the new catalytic converter from the Honda dealer, as the dealership will not risk selling a non-California approved CAT.

There is much confusion regarding the use of non-CARB catalytic converters as replacements on out of state (Federal 49-state) emission certified vehicles. The fact is however, in 2009, the California Air Resources Board banned the use of non-CARB complaint emission components, regardless of a vehicle's emissions configuration, if the vehicle is being operated in California.

posted by SmogTips Support 03-16-2018 04:40 PM
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