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Checking For Current Smog On Vehicle I'm About To Purchase

Is there a DMV website I can use to verify the smog check status on a vehicle I'm about to purchase? The seller says it has passed the smog test but does not have any paperwork to support the statement. Thanks, Phil.


Yes, absolutely. The link is below. It is the California Bureau of Automotive Repairs smog check history webpage. You'll be able to search any vehicle's smog check records by VIN or license plate number. The system will report back all past smog inspections, including tests which have been aborted and those which have failed due to incomplete emission monitors.

California Vehicle Smog Check History

Pass/Fail Code Definitions: P=Pass, F=Fail, A=Aborted, R=Not Ready.

D = Data Check Fail. The vehicle's OBD system data is inappropriate for the vehicle being tested

T=Failed test with Emission Device found to be Tampered.

*A "Blank" column can also indicate an aborted test.

posted by SmogTips Support 09-27-2017 04:05 PM

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