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Dodge Charger RT Muffler and Resonator Removed Delete

Is it ok to remove my mid muffler and/or resonator on my vehicle? It's a 2014 Dodge Charger. As long as I keep the catalytic convertor, is removing any part of the muffler system going to cause me problems when it comes time to get a smog check? Thank you.


Your Dodge Charger's muffler and resonator are not inspected during the emissions test. They are only required for noise suppression and will not cause a smog inspection failure if not present. Just make sure that in no way the catalytic converters and/or oxygen sensors are tampered with. Post-CAT exhaust modifications are ok. Pre-CAT modifications are guaranteed failures. Late model vehicles (2000 & newer) do not receive the tailpipe (exhaust emissions) portion of the smog inspection. Only a visual inspection of the catalytic converter will be conducted. The CAT(s) will need to be installed properly with no modification. Note, increase exhaust noise is a violation of California vehicle code section 27151 VC.

posted by SmogTips Support

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