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Orange Triangle Light Turned on Infiniti G25

Hi. The orange triangle light turned on my Infiniti G25 and my smog check is due. Will it that affect the smog test? I can't afford to fail the test... I've realy got my fingers crossed on this one. :) Thank you!


Is there a tiny car icon in the middle of the yellow triangle, or is the triangle red in color and has an exclamation mark in the center? These are the two "triangle" malfunction indicator on your Infiniti's dashboard.

The yellow triangle with the car logo in the center is an indicator used by your vehicle's Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC) System. When the VDC system is operating correctly, this triangle light may intermittently flash when the system is engaged. If the VDC light illuminates and stays on, it may be an indication that the system has a problem. In neither case will it cause a smog check failure. If the light is on solid, you should have it inspected by an Infiniti service center.

In case you are wondering, what the Vehicle Dynamic Control System does? The VDC system, similar to the TCS (Traction Control System) and ABS systems on other vehicles, controls aspects of the vehicle's brakes and powertrain to help prevent the wheels from slipping on certain terrain and wet road conditions. The VDC system controls brake pressure to correct understeer or oversteer, as well as limits engine power in certain situations.

Now as for the red triangle with an exclamation mark in the center, this light indicates a problem with one of the Infiniti G25's advanced systems. It is a master warning light and used to notify the driver of a potential problem with one or more of the vehicle’s more advanced control and computer systems. The red triangle light (Master Waring Light) is normally accompanied by a message on the driver's display. It is highly recommend to have an Infiniti service center diagnose the cause of an illuminated Master Warning light as the problem may be severe. It should be noted, unless an ON Master Warning light is accompanied by an ON yellow "Check Engine" light, it should not cause a smog check failure in itself.

The check engine light we are referring to is a yellow icon (light) resembling an engine. This light will absolutely cause a smog check failure and should only be illuminated while the engine is off and the ignition is in the ON position. Once the engine starts and runs, the light should turn off. If it does not, the vehicle will fail the smog test.

posted by SmogTips Support

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