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Vehicle Registration

1977 MG Midget 4 Cylinder Can't Get Registration Until Smog?

I bought a classic car for 100 bucks it was bought at auction with a non op and then sold to me. It has no plates and not even show in records with DMV. I paid the $129 for the title transfer but I can't get plates and sticker from the DMV until it passes a smog check. Huh? I thought I was exempt.


1974 and older vehicles are exempt from the California smog check requirement. Your 1977 MG Midget is going to have to pass a smog test before the DMV will give your new registration and stickers. You can start the title transfer process (which it sounds like you've already actually done), but the DMV will only RDF the vehicle, as in, give you a report of deposit of fees document showing you've paid registration fees but need a smog certificate to get registration and tags.

posted by SmogTips Support

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