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Out of State Vehicle

Out of State Vehicle with Out of State CAT

Hi, When I brought my car in from Texas the smog tech said I was exempt from having at CA CAT (I have a 49 state CAT) and passed me with no questions. 2 years and 3,000 miles of driving later it is time for another smog. Will I be exempted again and pass, or will I need to install a CA Catalytic Converter? Given how little I drive the car changing out the CAT may be unjustifiable. Thanks!


So long as the vehicle is equiped with the original catalytic converter (installed at factory), it will pass the California smog check without modification needed. If at any time the CAT was replacement, the replacement CAT must conform to California Air Resources Board requirements... meaning it must posses an EO number (Executive Order). If the cataytic converter was replacement at some point and the replacement CAT does not have an EO number, it will not pass the emissions inspection in California.

posted by SmogTips Support 08-28-2019 11:31 AM

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