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Can't See CAT EO Number Because of Location

The E.O. # on my new catalytic converter is blocked by other factory components on my vehicle. What are my options? I recently replaced the catalytic converter on my car. The executive order number is located on the bottom of the converter which sits just above the cross member that the transmission mounts to. There is no way to read the executive order number without supporting the engine/transmission, removing the transmission mount, and then then removing the cross member. This seems like an undue burden for a simple smog inspection. What are my options?


Without the CAT numbers visible, a smog technician has no way of verifying whether or not the catalytic converter was designed to be used on your vehicle. As such, the vehicle can not pass a smog check.

Since the implementation of the STAR smog check program, smog stations are being very careful in ensuring vehicles are equipped with proper/required catalytic converters. The smog check technician will check your vehicle's catalytic converter EO numbers. The EO number must be visible. If the CAT is missing its numbers or the numbers can not be located, the vehicle will fail the "visual" portion of the smog inspection. The technician must be able to see/read the EO number in order to determine the CAT is designed for use on your vehicle. Perhaps using a small mirror will help the situation?

posted by SmogTips Support

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