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1977 Chevy Camaro Z28 All Original Smog and Legal till 2019!

I'm in my 60's and have my 1977 Chevy Z28 Camaro. All original smog and been legal til 2019. Now someone is telling me my intake is no longer legal but on car for over 30 years. In my 60's and only took my 1977 Z28 Camaro out to drive 1x per month... sat in garage. My intake is an Edelbrock 3701 and been on my car since 1990. I am being told by friends (now) that even though my car has been legal, California now wants to say it is illegal.

Many of my receipts are faded but I have my original manual from Edelbrock with their old phone numbers and info, my warranty card, installation instructions, and a State of Calif Licensed, Smog Check Inspection Manual that came with my intake dated Rev1, Dec 10, 1990. which shows the 3701 intake being street legal and CA approved. At that time there was (no) sticker or included CARB number that I can remember. I also have my receipts for my smog pump dated Aug 1994, my Cadi-Converter dated Aug 2002, new air pump check valves dated Aug 1994, My Super Coil rcpt dated April 1993 (and I have that carb number as: D-2211-6), and I also have my receipt for the engine block dated April 1997 (in my rebuild) due to age... I even have color photo's of my engine with the orig negative film.

I am freaking out here. I am being told that I must have a CARB number for some of my stuff but it is what was on the car at the time, and that now, they might not allow me to drive it anymore. I cannot find any CARB number on their website and I feel like Calif is trying to steal my car from me. I have a printed out smog test and my car was clean that last time. My C02 was 0.17 and my HC says 18 ppm to 27 (due to 2 speed test), and my No was 468 and I am allowed 1155 ppm.

I am disabled, old, retired, and tired of crap in my life, take my heart meds and BP... and just stressing out and afraid I will not be able to register my car next year because of new laws that I have no control over. I now want to sell my car and move away... been planning it for many years - getting out of CA, but now it sounds like on my next reg I cannot even drive the car I have had for over 40 years. What do I do?


Hi Norm. We'd like to put you at ease a bit... don't listen to friends just yet. When the time comes, make an appointment with the Smog Check Referee Office by calling (800) 622-7733. The smog referee is a State appointed smog check specialist which will give you accurate information on whether your Camaro will pass the smog check in its current smog parts configuration or it will need some smog components replaced (upgraded). In our opinion, the only smog part to be really concerned with is the catalytic converter. More than likely, the current CAT you have installed on your Camaro (if does not have a CARB compliant EO number) will fail the smog test and you'll be required to replace it will a CARB complaint catalytic converter.

If there are air intake modification, you may need to return them to OEM status; but there should be nothing major that would stop you from obtaining a renewed vehicle registration. California does have some of the most stringent emission regulations, but a well maintained, factory emissions (OEM) equipped vehicle, can pass the smog check with no problem.

Rest easy. We feel as though you've really taken care of your car and should not have much problem getting it to pass the next smog inspection, even with regulations having tightened up a bit over the last few years. Since the start of the STAR smog inspection, back in 2012, smog stations have been much more careful at inspecting (passing) vehicles. For a STAR certified station, passing the wrong vehicle, may mean losing their STAR status; and a loss in 50% revenue. As such, every vehicle they inspect and ultimately pass must conform to California emissions requirements.

posted by SmogTips Support

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