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General Smog Check

Do I Need to Make an Appointment To Get a Smog Test?

Just wondering if I need to an appointment to get a smog check. I'm new to California and not quite sure how the process works. Thank you.


The majority of smog check stations in California do not require an appointment to obtain an inspection. You may want to set up an appointment though (if the station allows) to get thorough the test faster. Time wise, the emissions inspection process in California (for 2000 and newer vehicles) is fast. The vehicle simply undergoes a quick plug & play type OBD II system check. OBD II stands for On-Board Diagnostics System Version 2. Version  3 is being developed and might include Wi-Fi comms with the CA state... to be seen.

In short... no appointment needed for, it'd be safe to say, 99% of shops, but you may need to wait 5 to 10 minutes for your turn after arriving. And, the test for 2000 and newer vehicles includes a OBD II system check and visual inspection. Not included in the inspection, which certain other states do include, are the tire pressure test, windshield wiper inspection, and brake/safety.

posted by SmogTips Support

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