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Where in Ohio Can I Get a Smog Test for California Registration?

I am required to hat a smog check but I live in Portsmouth Ohio now. My registration is from California and they are requiring me to do so.


You may be able to find an emissions test center in Ohio, however a certification from them can not be accepted in California. Only a smog inspection from a California certified emissions test center (Smog Check Station) we suffice.

There is an option available to you however which will allow you to renew your vehicle's California registration without a smog check. It is called an Out-of-State Smog Check Exemption filing.

Visit the They can file the smog check exemption (REG 5103) for you online. You can email them the REg 5103 form and they'll do the rest. You can also pay your expired registration fees through them also.

NOTE: You may not be able to use their system online since the DMV says there is a Clearing Inquiry on record for your vehicle. You'll get an error message from their automated system, but if you email them your REG 5103 can help you by phone and accept your payment. We'd recommend starting with sending them a support ticket online. Use the Ask a DMV Expert link below. The Quick Guide is very helpful as well.

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posted by SmogTips Support

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